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Adhere to safety management to ensure stable development-Sangao Company conducts fire fighting drills in 2019

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In order to further strengthen the safety management of Sangao Company, ensure the safety of employees' lives and company property, improve the safety awareness of all employees, and enhance the ability of all employees to escape and self-rescue in the event of fires, workshop emergencies and other disasters, so that employees can master the necessary Common sense of emergency handling. According to the company's work arrangement, it was deployed by the Environmental Safety Office of Sangao Company, and all departments and employees actively cooperated and participated. At 14:00 on November 8, 2019, a firefighting and emergency response drill was carried out at the stadium in the living area of Sangao Company.


This drill is different from the emergency drills held by Sangao Company in the past, including the whole process of emergency drills. The Environmental Safety Office has made specific division of labor and arrangements from the time node to the work place. Detailed plans and measures have been formulated for this situation. From the discovery of fire and timely reporting, the emergency rescue team starts the emergency plan, and each emergency team conducts division of labor and cooperation according to the unified arrangement of the commander-in-chief, analyzes the accident situation, organizes rescue, eliminates fire and hidden dangers, rescues the wounded, evacuates, and communicates and logistics materials Guarantee, finishing, the whole process basically achieved the expected purpose of the drill, and all the staff conducted practical drills on how to save themselves, how to escape, how to deal with emergencies and other related knowledge.

Through the drill activities, not only the organizational ability, command ability and adaptability of the emergency rescue team leader were exercised, but also the employees' safety awareness, fire fighting and emergency handling abilities were enhanced, and all employees had further knowledge of fire safety. It is understood that the ability to respond to emergencies has been improved, which will play a very positive role in promoting the company's future safety production activities.

After the emergency drill, the commander Wu Xuefeng summarized the results of the drill and commented on the work of each emergency team.

Deputy commander-in-chief Wang Boguo made a comprehensive analysis and emphasis on various problems in the exercise, and asked all emergency teams to seriously reflect on and summarize the impreciseness and problems exposed in the exercise, as well as the hidden dangers that may arise.

The commander-in-chief Wang Hua affirmed the drill, and at the same time required all departments and employees of the company to be unremitting in safety work, to ensure the safety of the company and employees, and to create a safer working environment.

A total of 132 people from Shifang Sangao Biochemical Industry Co., Ltd. in Sichuan participated in the drill.

1、Carry out pre-exercise work mobilization

2、The commander reports the situation to the person in charge of the on-site headquarters

3.     The company's emergency teams rushed to the accident scene in time

4、 Reports from emergency teams

5、  The drill site - vigilance, on-site analysis, rescue of the wounded, removal and transfer of on-site materials, laying of water hoses, fire-fighting and rescue, and on-site environmental monitoring are all in an orderly manner

6、   The person in charge of emergency rescue conducts drill summary and puts forward requirements

7、   Fire fighting practice drill for new recruits

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