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Sangao Biochemical went to Europe to participate in the "CPHI worldwide"

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        CPHI worldwide is a brand exhibition in the field of international pharmaceutical raw materials and a professional exhibition in the field of pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates. The fair travels between France, Germany and Spain every year, and in 2019 it was held in Frankfurt, Germany. CPHI world pharmaceutical raw materials, P-MEC pharmaceutical machinery, InnoPack pharmaceutical packaging materials and ICSE contract customization will be held at the same time, realizing the integration of four exhibitions and becoming a grand gathering of the global pharmaceutical industry, in addition to zero-distance understanding of technical applications and product information , and also plays a role as a weather vane for the development direction of the entire pharmaceutical industry. CPHI Worldwide has been actively participated and widely recognized by the world's pharmaceutical raw material industry, and has become an annual gathering of the pharmaceutical raw material industry around the world.


The World Pharmaceutical Raw Materials Exhibition is a large-scale, high-level, and most well-known trade exhibition in the pharmaceutical raw materials and intermediates industry. Held in major cities across Europe, it has developed into a market leader in the global pharmaceutical raw material industry today.


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