Custom Synthesis

Sangao commits to building the largest biochemical and pharmaceutical industry base in Western China

Relying on our rich product development experience, solid scientific research and technical force and strong platform support of cooperative scientific research institutions, we can provide a full range of comprehensive product customization and development services for pharmaceutical, pesticide, materials, fine chemical and other chemical related scientific research institutions, enterprises and trading companies. The company has its own small-scale laboratory, pilot workshop and production workshop, and has the following production equipment and corresponding production conditions.
Custom synthesis range
Production equipment
Production equipments: Popular reaction kettles, High pressure reactors, Low temperature reactors, High vacuum rectifying installation, Atmospheric rectifying equipment and so on.
Production equipment
Equipment capacity: 50~6300L Operating conditions: Temperature: -80 ℃~+250 ℃, Pressure: 0~4.8MPa, Vacuum degree: -0.095MPa.
Production equipment
Production lines: Eight synthetic production routes, one phytoextraction production route, two clean drying sheds, three conventional drying sheds.
We are especially good at

The company has a number of experienced chemical drug synthesis experts, who are good at various unit reactions, including reduction reaction, oxidation reaction, condensation reaction, and various conventional reactions, such as sulfonation, nitration, halogenation, ammonolysis, alkylation, acylation, lipidation, etc.

We are especially good at:

Hydrogenation reaction

Amino acid chemistry

Grignard Reaction

friedel-crafts reaction

friedel-crafts reaction

Custom synthesis project area

1. Synthesis of APIs, APIs, intermediates and other fine chemicals;
2. Process development and process amplification of fine chemicals;
3. Plant extracts;
4. Preparation of reference substance, standard substance and impurity reference substance;
5. Reagent.

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