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Sangao Biochemical participated in the "China International Pharmaceutical Raw Materials, Intermediates, Packaging Equipment Fair"

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    On October 10-12, 2019, a pharmaceutical and pharmaceutical equipment industry event with the theme of "Positioning the New Future of China's Pharmaceuticals" - the 83rd China International Pharmaceutical API/Intermediate/Packaging/Equipment Fair (API China ), the 23rd China International Pharmaceutical (Industry) Exhibition and Technology Exchange Conference (CHINA-PHARM) was successfully held in Nanchang Greenland International Expo Center. At this exhibition, many companies gathered together, each made great moves and showed their "housekeeping skills" to show the cutting-edge technologies and development trends of the pharmaceutical industry to domestic and foreign exhibitors from afar.


    API China — Focus on improving the overall level of production and research and development of pharmaceutical raw materials, intermediates, and pharmaceutical excipients in China, representing new products and technologies in China's pharmaceutical industry, and has become a leader in gathering industry, demonstrating advanced product technology, and interpreting it for enterprises Policies and regulations, a brand event that improves the production level of the industry and reflects the development trend of the industry. The exhibition is supported by more than 97% of the top 100 companies in China's pharmaceutical industry, providing opportunities for decision-making, procurement, technology, and R&D personnel of pharmaceutical companies to establish information exchanges and business cooperation with target customers.

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